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We have a letter to various levels of government outlining our demands and the needs of our industry in this crisis. You can see our full letter here.

If you are a business or independent contractor in our industry and would like to join our coalition by adding your name to our letter fill in this form.  

We are uniting to demand relief for our industry, which we built to be the social, emotional, and physical backbone for so many Canadians. A united voice will be instrumental in weathering this crisis together.

It's our responsibility now to do whatever we can to make sure we are still here when this crisis passes. Join today, and leave a comment to tell us how your practice has been affected.

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    Odawa Judo Club endorsed 2020-04-08 15:08:37 -0400
    These community clubs can not survive this without support.
    endorsed via 2020-04-08 15:07:25 -0400
    endorsed via 2020-04-08 15:03:54 -0400
    LifeDrive Fitness endorsed 2020-04-08 15:03:46 -0400
    My gym was forced to close so we wanted to do our part in this fight against Covid-19 but zero income doesn’t pay to keep the doors open. We have gone to virtual online training but it is a ton of work and in compensated hours. We of course do this without hesitation for our incredible clients and to try and keep everyone safe and healthy.
    endorsed 2020-04-08 15:03:01 -0400
    endorsed via 2020-04-08 14:50:40 -0400
    All physical training places and clinic has been shut down
    endorsed 2020-04-08 14:50:21 -0400
    We have had to close our doors and move VIRTUAL. We offer hot yoga and pilates which is hard to replicate in a clients home. I am concerned that I will be able to make enough money to cover rent which is high during this time.
    endorsed 2020-04-08 14:49:34 -0400
    endorsed 2020-04-08 14:40:53 -0400
    endorsed 2020-04-08 14:37:08 -0400
    Similar to other businesses in the Health and Wellness community, we were closed our five locations on March 16th. We still have many expenses that must be covered and we still need to take care of our team. Obviously this situation is not sustainable over a long period of time. We have been in business for over 20 years and have wonderful relationships with our clients and patients. It would be a terrible loss to everyone involved, if we were not able to continue with our business.
    Unchained Athletics endorsed 2020-04-08 14:36:13 -0400
    Our community is definitely our number one priority but in order to properly serve them we need to take care of our coaches first. And make sure they are being able to cover costs of living.
    Elle Fitness and Social endorsed 2020-04-08 14:35:16 -0400
    My fitness business was forced to shut down suddenly and unexpectedly due to COVID-19. Overnight we went from a robust, busy gym to an empty space and absolutely zero income. We are trying to maintain community and loyalty by providing free classes online and continuing to support our instructors but this model is unsustainable. We are located on King St and will not be able to meet our rent obligations going forward. We are terrified that once this crisis is over we will have lost our space or be forced into a position to take on so much debt to maintain the space that it won’t make financial sense to move forward.
    endorsed 2020-04-08 14:35:04 -0400
    endorsed 2020-04-08 14:15:45 -0400
    endorsed 2020-04-08 14:01:19 -0400
    I have not been able to train any clients during this pandemic but have been sending them at home programs and providing free content online via my social media accounts.
    endorsed 2020-04-08 14:00:56 -0400
    endorsed 2020-04-08 14:00:43 -0400
    endorsed 2020-04-08 13:59:44 -0400
    endorsed 2020-04-08 13:47:13 -0400
    6ixCycle endorsed 2020-04-08 13:45:49 -0400
    endorsed via 2020-04-08 13:43:41 -0400
    We must support small business
    endorsed 2020-04-08 13:29:59 -0400
    Kingsway Boxing Club endorsed 2020-04-08 13:26:39 -0400
    We will be losing not only the income throughout the closures, but the income from our spring and summer programs at least. This is how we pay our rent. We are also unable to qualify for the 25% $10k allowance from the loan as the trainers were all independent contractors. Our landlords from both locations will not give us a break on rent and we will be looking at the possibility of closing one or more of our locations. Please help.
    LIFT endorsed via 2020-04-08 13:23:40 -0400
    Like most small businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on our sales and revenue. We have provided our members with minimal equipment and content that allows them to workout from home. However, because they’re not getting the full service of equipment and classes that comes with their membership, we are offering a reduced rate, losing in significant membership sales. Personal training is also a big part of our business, and because we’re not able to service those clients, we are losing all of those sales.
    endorsed 2020-04-08 13:16:16 -0400
    endorsed via 2020-04-08 13:15:24 -0400
    endorsed 2020-04-08 13:12:11 -0400
    endorsed 2020-04-08 13:00:33 -0400
    I am primarily a performing artist but in between gigs I work in the fitness industry as a secondary source of income. Both of my fields of work have been hit hard by this crisis. People like me have nothing.
    endorsed 2020-04-08 12:58:38 -0400
    endorsed 2020-04-08 12:56:10 -0400
    I can no longer teach classes.. missing both the activity itself and connection with members and teammates.