The current government rent relief program and wage subsidy must be extended immediately to save small health and wellness businesses.

We need an expansion on rent relief eligibility and the program duration, to save many more businesses.  By mandating the acceptance of the program by all landlords we can ensure every small business can access rent relief.

We also need rent relief to include ALL small businesses. The current eligibility requirements around accounting and lost revenue exclude too many of us and must be expanded to save more businesses. 

We need ongoing operational cost relief from April to September as once the mandated business closure period is lifted, our small businesses will require time to re-establish revenue streams and rebuild client trust to support the slow reintegration back to work while we continue with some type of social distancing policies. We will likely be operating at less than 50% capacity to maintain social distancing while we still have to cover 100% of our operational costs. 

The Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) offered from March 15th to June 6th does not support our small businesses. Because we must remain closed and many workers in this industry are sub-contractors and contractors, this program does not support our businesses or our workers. 

We need the wage subsidy to be extended past June for 3 months and made eligible to sub-contractors and contractors, like our workers, in order to survive.